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How it Works

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Have you thought of making money from your everyday data use? Have you thought of making revenue by leveraging on your social networks groups and followership? We are here to enhance your REVENUE opportunities; connect you with a world of revenue opportunity with a potential to earn accessibility to unlimited revenues.

Our platform functions around the networking model. We’ve provided a working model that enables a “free flow” of value points in your category which enables a win-win situation for all your team members.


No fee for registration!
Login after your registration on our platform and start your transactions. Please note,THERE IS NO COMMISSION for your transactions at this level UNTIL you upgrade your account to any of available packages.

Set Targets

Getting involved means you have a desire to achieve, which we, of course, want to help you do! Our teams of highly trained professionals are constantly on standby to help you set your “targets” right to attain the “value points” margin you want for your investments.


Enlist 100 subscribers you can get and we can guarantee 40% patronage! Sell your products and get reward instantly with other amazing incentives.

Remeber, the best way to sell a product is to be the user of the product.


Build a network. Collaborate with your peers, in your alumni, your business group, church, mosque, associations or other circles. Working together with people you know to enhance your profitability.


TOP-UP AND GET REWARD is the easiest platform to improve your financial opportunities when you sign up with us. As soon as you sign up with us, you’ve just stepped into the group of millionaires! Our matrix structure is a unilevel which allows you to earn continuously.


  • Upgrade is necessary to start earning commissions on your transactions and transactions of your team members
  • Instant Direct Referral Bonus – 22%
  • Instant Indirect Referral Bonus – 5%